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Final Pairings: January 21 @ Rancho Mañana 7:50am

***Weather Permitting*** There is a chance of rain but we are scheduled to play as is. There is no contingency in place, but if we are rained out then next event will be worth double.

Format is Pair vs. Field, best ball except for par 3’s and par 5’s both balls count. Partner swap after 9 holes.


  • 7:51 am Group 1: Brett Duthie, Scott Ellsworth, Alex Zaro
  • 7:57 am Group 2: John McGhee, Skyler Irvine, Chris Maderazzo
  • 8:03 am Group 3: Ethan Levy, Anthony Valenzuela, Josh Norris (Rick), Tom Bishop
  • 8:10 am Group 4: Ryan Dobson, Eric O’niell, Ryan Jones, Phillip Knecht
Keep scores as normal, all will be tallied up at the end of the round. Groups that only have 3 players will be assigned a blind draw after the round.
Don’t forget to VENMO the $20 skins fee prior to the round or else you are delaying the payouts to other members.
Albatross Tour

27 Hole Albatross Tour Cup Championship (June 26, 2016 Gainey Ranch)

Modified Stableford over 27 Holes, Net Scores.

Points have been awarded based on your season standings.

  1. Josh Norris 24 points
  2. Jason Philips 22 points
  3. Ben Tobias 20 points
  4. Scott Ellsworth 18 points
  5. Eric O’neill 16 points
  6. Skyler Irvine 14 points
  7. Brandon Anderson 12 points
  8. Daniel Brown 10 points
  9. Ryan Dobson 8 points
  10. Ethan Levy 6 points
  11. Tom Bishop 4 points
  12. Ryan Jones 2 points

At the start of the days event, this will be your score going into hole one. Modified Stableford will be played over 27 holes to be played consecutively on June 26th at Gainey Ranch Golf Club.

  • Albatross =  8 points
  • Eagle  = 5 points
  • Birdie = 2 points
  • Par = 0 points
  • Bogey = -1 point
  • Double Bogie or Worse = -3 points

Rules + Notes:

  • Out of bounds will be treated as lateral hazards. 
  • Must putt out every hole, or take a max of Net Double Bogie. 
  • Net Scores are in Play for the first 18 Holes Only.
  • Gross Scores will be used on the final 9 Holes. 

Event 3: Partner Best Ball, Both 3s and 5s RESULTS

GREAT DAY EVERYONE! Of course I say this facetiously as we had several record HIGH scores (Including me). Will keep this in mind when scheduling 2016’s season as taking a whole month off (October) is just too much for this group!

Congratulations (again) to the luckiest person in this group, Danny Brown, for again getting paired up with a top 3 low net.

Event Winners: Danny Brown and Ryan Dobson (BOTH due for a SEVERE handicap adjustment)


Event 3 results


Putting like a surgeon! (A bloody mess)


Our first driving range! (It didn’t help)



Ethan Levy
Who puts a tree there?





Ryan Dobson
(He missed)



Skyler's Ball
(And No Golfing)




Albatross tour logo

Next Event: September 27th

Stableford Best Ball (Pair vs. Field)

Next event is to take place at Starfire in Scottsdale on September 27th.

Pairings to be announced once I receive all RSVPs.

You will have one partner, and each will play your own ball. Keep score as usual and Stableford points will be added up at the end of the round.

Stableford Points
Double Bogey or Worse = 0 Points
Bogey= 1 Point
Par= 2 Points
Birdie= 3 Points
Eagle= 4 Points
Double Eagle= 5 Points

Only the best score per hole will be counted for you and your partner’s score. You and your partner are playing the entire field of 10 teams (20 pairs).

Event Fee= $20 (Split between event winners and Skins/Contests)

Winners to split $200
Closest to the pin to receive $20
Longest Drive to receive $20
Remaining goes into the Skins Pot ($160)

Albatross Points Awarded:
1st: 30
2nd: 25
3rd: 20
4th: 15
5th: 14
6th: 13
7th: 12
8th: 11
9th: 10
10th: 9

For the match, keep score as usual and I will tally scores and best ball matches at the end.

As always, side bets are encouraged!

Name Round 1
Jason Phillips


Daniel Brown


Brock Quinn


Drew Stone


Skyler Irvine


Brandon Anderson


Scott Ellsworth


Josh Norris


Brian Peitz


Ben Tobias


Brian Bauer


Evan Carr


Ethan Levy


Richard Biers


Ryan Dobson


Eric O’neill


Ryan Jones


Alex Zaro


Aaron Carlough


Quentin Weston  4.5