Final Pairings: January 21 @ Rancho Mañana 7:50am

***Weather Permitting*** There is a chance of rain but we are scheduled to play as is. There is no contingency in place, but if we are rained out then next event will be worth double.

Format is Pair vs. Field, best ball except for par 3’s and par 5’s both balls count. Partner swap after 9 holes.


  • 7:51 am Group 1: Brett Duthie, Scott Ellsworth, Alex Zaro
  • 7:57 am Group 2: John McGhee, Skyler Irvine, Chris Maderazzo
  • 8:03 am Group 3: Ethan Levy, Anthony Valenzuela, Josh Norris (Rick), Tom Bishop
  • 8:10 am Group 4: Ryan Dobson, Eric O’niell, Ryan Jones, Phillip Knecht
Keep scores as normal, all will be tallied up at the end of the round. Groups that only have 3 players will be assigned a blind draw after the round.
Don’t forget to VENMO the $20 skins fee prior to the round or else you are delaying the payouts to other members.